Orangeburg Christian Academy promotes fitness, well-being and health maintenance, and holds to the tenant students hold knowledge and respect for the body God has designed as the “temple of the Holy Spirit.”  Physical Education coupled with recess activities, play a vital developmental role in young children. 
The Athletic Department believes that advanced instruction, competent coaching, and competitive organized sports are an instrumental part OCA’s overall academic program . We strive to provide a safe environment for extracurricular and intermural sports for mastering skillsets, developing self-control, goodwill through sportsmanship, and the healthy sense of accomplishment are key parts that enhance a balanced Christian  educational program.
Our Athletic Program includes:
  • Fall Volleyball-Girls (6th-12th)
  • Basketball-Girls and Boys (6th-12th)
  • Softball-Girls (6th-12th)
  • Baseball-Boys (6th-12th)
  • Cheerleading- Girls (6th-12th)
  • Small Fry Cheerleading-Girls (K5-5th)
  • Fellowship of Christian Athletes